Back In The Flesh

Back in the Flesh

As students and teachers are going back online, sports have been put on a hold, but that doesn’t stop sports journalism from having a little fun. Reporters Bridget Delaney and Payton Hillard ask current student-athletes some fun questions instead of the usual ones.

2020-2021 Season
April 9th – Makenzy Guethle (Soccer, Cross Country, Softball)
March 1st – Katelynn Blankenship (Girls Soccer)
February 17th – Tucker Lambert (Boys Basketball)
February 4th – Josiah Flores (Boys Basketball)
January 13th – Hannah Sherer (Pom)
January 7th – Landon Bailand (Boys Golf)
January 4th – Kaylin Koch (Girls Volleyball)
December 17th – Ella Anderson (Pom)
December 15th – Olivia Gamez (Cheerleading)
December 14th – Ashton Zacher (Football)
December 8th – Abigail Pritchett (Girls Volleyball)
December 8th – Caiden Padget (Boys Golf)
November 23rd – Abi Morris (Girls Golf)