Boys Varsity Golf · Back In The Flesh: Landon Bailand

Landon Bailand

As students and teachers are going back online, sports have been put on a hold, but that doesn’t stop sports journalism from having a little fun. Students Bridget Delaney and Payton Hillard ask current student-athletes some fun questions instead of the usual questions.

In this segment we talk to varsity golfer Landon Bailand. 

Do you have any superstitions or routines before a game/competition?   
A: No                                                                                                                                

Who is your role model?     
A: My grandfather, because he is always nice to everyone and I don’t think I have seen him get angry at anyone.

Do you pump yourself up before a game? How? 
A: I practice in my backyard. 

What are some ridiculous things you believed as a kid?   
A: I believed that you would have to wear braces for your whole life if you got them.

Do you have a song to pump you up before a game? 
A: Any song by Queen.

What are you most passionate about? 
A: Golf, because it is one of the only sports I am good at.

What is your favorite part of playing your sport?   
A:  Being able to help my team and proving to myself that I can improve.