Girls Varsity Volleyball · Back In The Flesh: Kaylin Koch

As students and teachers are going back online, sports have been put on a hold, but that doesn’t stop sports journalism from having a little fun. Students Bridget Delaney and Payton Hillard ask current student-athletes some fun questions instead of the usual questions.

In this segment, we talk to freshman Kailyn Koch who plays for the varsity volleyball team at Canyon View. 

Do you pump up yourself before a game and how?

Kaylin: I listen to old Justin Bieber songs 


What are some ridiculous things you believed as a kid?

Kaylin:  I used to believe in the boogie man when I was younger. My brother used to tell me stories about it.


Who is your role model?  

Kaylin: Easily, my mom. She’s taught me everything I know in life and she’s constantly trying to make me a better person.


Do you have a song to pump you up before the game?

Kaylin:  Any old 2010 hits 


What are you most passionate about?

Kaylin: Volleyball because I’ve played it for so long 


What was your favorite part about playing your sport?

Kaylin:  I have become close with everyone on the team