Boys Varsity Football · Varsity Football Preview: 2020

Covid-19 has impacted many of the teams at Canyon View and football has strived to be headfirst and safe. With this being football’s  first varsity season, having the restrictions has been challenging with practices and games.  The Football team is excited to finally get going and pumped for their varsity season. 

“Getting ready for this season the challenges have been dealing with this pandemic, COVID, trying to start the summer workouts, then getting stopped and put on hold for the second time.” coach Aaron Upsher said. “With everything getting moved back that has been a big challenge.”

Varsity’s first game is against Desert Edge on October 2. This will be a huge game as it is the very first varsity game in school history, against a high quality opponent.

“First game at the gate Desert Edge, a team that was in the state finals recently. Biggest challenge for the first week” said coach Upsher.  

The team will be without their starting quarterback after Ryan Finch decided to move schools, but the team will reload with some new transfers and returning players who the coaches are excited about.

Lucas Stewart and Syles Lee are both expected to have breakout years at running back. Lineman Marcus Morn put on some size in the off season and comes in at 6’5 and 240 pounds. Sophomore Ashton Zacher will step up to varsity  at quarterback, and transfer Enthony Pina will compete for time there as well. Juniors Walker Foster and Jeffrey Hoelzel are going to be a big part of some plays on offense, and junior Anthony Munoz Ramirez will slide in at wide receiver as well. Junior Josh Cobos will lead the defense at cornerback and will be “doing what he has to do” as some players say. 

“Running backs Lucas Stewart and Syles Lee are both poised for breakout years as running backs. Marcus Morn is the best lineman,” coach Upsher said with great confidence.  

This whole year caught everyone by surprise, but the team and staff are fighting through are hoping to have a great season and school year, even with restrictions and difficulties.