Multiple Teams · Girls Hoops Staying Connected

Girls Basketball Uniforms

With COVID restrictions going on it has been difficult for the girls basketball team to workout and communicate with one another. As the offseason has progressed, the girls basketball has been able to connect more. I recently spoke with Coach Carranza about the upcoming season. – Any games you are looking forward to?


Coach Carranza – I am looking forward to all the games, I just can’t wait to get them out on the court and playing. After being off for six months I am eager to play. – What’s an important thing about teamwork?


Coach Carranza – An important thing to know about teamwork is that each individual plays a role in the journey and no one person is ever above the team.  


CVJags – How are you and the students feeling about everything?


Coach Carranza – I think we are all excited to get started, but as with anything involving my players I want to make sure their safety is priority.  Were all a little uneasy knowing we are in the middle of a pandemic and that no one is exempt from the virus. So I would say we are super excited, but a little nervous at the same time. – What is it like with COVID restrictions?


Coach Carranza – We chose to do the Zooms to help alleviate the restrictions and to ensure the safety of our coaches and players.


It’s exciting to see how the girl’s basketball team is able to stay connected and make it work through the school year so far. I’m looking forward to all the upcoming basketball games. Go Jags!