Coed Junior Varsity Sideline Cheer, Coed Varsity Sideline Cheer · Cheers To A New Year

Have you ever thought about what goes into being a cheerleader? Being a cheerleader means to have spirit towards whatever it is you are cheering for. Whether it be, your school, a sport, or even life! When at Canyon View High School, one thing we are proud to have is our cheerleaders. When coming to one of our games such as football, basketball or even a pep rally, you can see our amazing cheer squad on the front lines cheering on our teams.


The Canyon View cheer squad consists of 14 students on junior varsity, and 16 students on our first ever varsity cheer team. This year, Canyon View has the pleasure of introducing Lindsay Levers as the new coach head coach, while Jerrica Kennedy returns to lead the junior varsity team. 


The cheer squad held their first official practice virtually due to COVID-19 on Aug 31st but practice in person on Sep 7th. I was able to ask coach Levers some questions about the team and discussed her plans for the season. What is it like teaching at CVHS so far and how is your experience?


Coach Levers: As a new coach at CVHS it has been interesting so far this year because of all the new regulations with COVID and so our season is not starting how it normally would. Usually we would start in the summer with conditioning and learning material, but now we are going to be cramming in the material over the next month. What are your plans for this season so far?


CL: We have only had tryouts and our practices begin in person next week, but so far all the athletes have been super flexible and understanding with how we have to do everything right now.


It is exciting to see how our new coach is putting in the work to make this year’s Canyon View Cheer Team the best it can be under the conditions of COVID. Looking forward to seeing what the 2020-2021 Cheer Team has in store for all of our Canyon View Jaguars!